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A start…

Today I drove home from another trip to the Stanford hospital. As per usual, the four hour drive with my parents is full of conversation, some more interesting than others. One undeniably intriguing topic of discussion was the idea of selling my baked goods locally and donating the money. I mean, hey, I like to bake and I like to volunteer. For someone who is in poor health like myself, what could be better than doing both? And as an added bonus, being able to contribute and give back from my own home? The conversation quickly advanced into a flurry of recipe ideas and possible customers. I put a hold on the discussion in order to answer the immediate question at hand- where would the money be donated? What kind organization would be appropriate for this quirky, homemade project? I cracked down to brainstorm potential clients.

The homeless shelter?

Feeding the homeless is always a constructive outlet for those generous itches we sometimes have. But wouldn’t it make more sense to simply feed them directly rather than donate money from sold food? If that were the case, the goods would be required to be made in a commercial kitchen, which I do not have access to.

Supporting hospitals?

Though this idea is also tempting, it doesn’t quite have the excentric vibe that I am looking for. Being chronically ill and having spent time in the hospital myself has made me notice flaws in the medical professional, some that make me uncomfortable with donating money. Besides, wouldn’t the money just be put in with that of other anonymous doners? Perhaps something more local? More personal?


Bingo! Being a pet owner and animal lover has greatly influenced my life, especially since the onset of my illness. There are times when I believe that spending time with my cats provides better healing than any medicine could do. Perhaps donating a small sum of my own would allow others to enjoy these wonderful creatures as well.

Now that the baseline for my project has been decided, a plethora of ideas and variables must be considered. Audience, for example. Should I aim to please those of my own, younger generation, or adults who are more likely to participate? The targeted customers automatically alters the genre of recipes to be considered. Being a teenager, I am able to understand the attraction to sweet, bright, impressive treats that are meant to satisfy. Though this category of baked goods is pleasing for everyone, adults seem to have a more “sophisticated” pallet (not to mention a desire to avoid sugar and calories), in which case healthy, filling treats would be desirable.

These ideas, among countless others, will require more thought on my part. Will this project turn out? Only time tells!


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