Kat's Cookbook

Cake idea!

A friend asked if she could purchase a cake for her sister’s birthday coming up in March! Her sister requested a dark chocolate cake with an addition of either raspberry or strawberry. I have a potential cake planned out. The dark chocolate cake recipe that I use has gotten rave reviews from my friends and family. The cake that I have in mind will be  two layers of dark chocolate cake with sliced fresh strawberries in between the layers. I’m planning on icing it twice: once with chocolate buttercream frosting, topped with a drizzle of dark chocolate ganache (it looks so pretty when it drips down the sides!). To make it a bit special, I had the idea of adding chocolate dipped strawberries as a garnish for the top of the cake. The chocolate on the strawberries would blend in with the chocolate ganache which will result in a nice, pretty cake with a pop of color. I’m so excited!


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