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Progress: facebook page + cookie sale!

Last night I made my first sale from facebook! I made a facebook page for my charity and a girl ordered a box of cookies within about an hour of its creation! She ordered the same peanut butter cup cookies that I posted a few days ago. She loved them! There are two other girls who are interested in purchasing as well; one is buying a box of dark chocolate raspberry brownies and the other one is planning on purchasing a box of raspberry thumbprint cookies for Valentine’s day! I’m planning on drizzling them with a bit of chocolate to make them pretty. I think that this page will boost my business, so far it has 63 likes. I posted some pictures of past desserts that I have made and sold, as well as a list of items that people can purchase. Here is the list so far:

Normal cakes-10$
-Lemon cake with lemon glaze
-Chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache
-Pumpkin cake (with or without chocolate chips) with brown butter glaze
-White chocolate cake with vanilla fudge glaze

Special cakes-15$ (Fruit and other additions cost a bit more to add!)
-Lemon cake with blackberries and blackberry glaze
-Chocolate covered strawberry cake with frosting and ganache
-Butter pecan cake with caramel frosting
-White chocolate covered pretzel cake with vanilla bean frosting

Cupcakes-10$ per box (24, give or take)
-Triple chocolate cupcakes
-Chocolate toffee cupcakes
-White chocolate raspberry cupcakes
-Cookies and creme (mint or plain) cupcakes

Brownies-5$ for a normal box (about 15 pieces), 10$ for a large box (30 pieces)
-Chocolate chip brownies, with or without walnuts
-Peanut butter fudge brownies
-Dark chocolate raspberry brownies
-Toffee blondies

Cookies-5$ for a normal box (about 15 pieces), 10$ for a large box (30 pieces)
-Chocolate chip cookies
-Oatmeal raisin/cranberry cookies
-Peanut butter cup cookies
-M&M cookies
-Raspberry thumbprint cookies (this makes a lot of smaller cookies)

Scones-7.50$ per box (about 15 pieces), can be sugar coated or glazed upon request
-Chocolate chip/white chocolate chip
-Banana nutella

Breads-7.50$ per loaf, sliced or cut into pieces upon request
-Pumpkin bread, with or without chocolate chips/walnuts
-Banana bread, with or without nutella
-Chocolate chip bread

I’m planning on adding/revising the list as I go!

Donation total: 42$


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